Legal Care

Legal Clinic Information:

Our non-sectarian goal is to provide legal services to those unable to pay for such services in the private sector; or who may be alienated from the traditional justice system; or who have a problem warranting prompt preventive care without obligation or cost.

The legal clinic is not designed to handle pending litigation or to undertake actual representation beyond what can be done on Monday evenings at the Hope Center. Chronic legal problems or problems that demand more comprehensive services appropriate for an attorney of record in protracted conflict situations are beyond the scope of this clinic, and the visitor may be referred to private counsel in the community with expertise in the needed area of the law. The legal clinic staff may assist in identifying or referring the visitor to local counsel who may be willing to offer services at reduced fees.

The legal clinic relies upon the voluntary donations of time by local attorneys who have sufficient general background to respond to a foreseeable range of problems. Advice is given based upon the information provided and reflects the opinions of the volunteer attorney with best wishes for a favorable outcome, but without any guarantee of any particular results.

The Legal Clinic is open on Monday evenings from 6-8 PM.